2015 Annual Report



The largest bank in Central
and Eastern Europe

Sberbank group

Founded in 1841
Our team has 330,700 employees
22 countries and 16,400 branches in Russia

Our clients

137,0 mln retail clients
1,4 mln corporate clients
32,6 mln payroll clients

Digital services of the group

27,2 mln active users of the Mobile Bank text service
11,2 mln active users of Sberbank Online mobile apps
30,4 mln active users of Sberbank Online internet banking


4,0 mln visitors every day
90,400 payment terminals and ATMs
15,6 mln credit cards issued by Sberbank
102,3 mln debit cards issued by Sberbank

Main results
for 2015

Resilience in volatile
market conditions
Sberbank’s market shares in russia (as of 1 january, 2016)

strategy highlights

We are changing ourselves
and anticipating future trends
2015 results
Main focuses for 2016
  • Growth of business volumes, strengthening of market position, ~150% of income of the banking system
  • All strategic initiatives are being implemented despite adverse environment
  • Improvement of customer service quality (NPS & CSI)
  • Increased level of reliability of IT services
  • IT centralisation programmeme completed
Development zones
  • Working with customer complaints in the frontline
  • Development of sales in remote channels
  • Operational risks
  • Subsidiary banks’ performance
  • Speed of response to external challenges
Tech. breakthrough

Drastic improvement of operational efficiency:

  • Improvement of process productivity
  • Reduction of time for bringing new products to the market and decision making
  • Decrease in the level of costs, improvement of the quality, and reliability of systems
Mature organisation

Creation of bimodal organisation, effective work as a part of RUN & CHANGE

Team and culture

Teamwork, the efficient use of time, and continuous self-development is becoming part of the DNA of the renovated Sberbank

of investment story

Constant development to create long-term
shareholder value
High corporate governance standards based on openness and transparency
Unprecedented scale and penetration with unique client knowledge
Commitment to deliver on strategic goals
Successful story of transformation
Strong management team
Strong brand built through the history since 1841
Focus on technologies & innovations

service model

We want to build deep relationships with customers based
on trust to become a useful and integral part of their lives
Customers can access any service in convenient channel

We have implemented technology for ordering credit cards via Sberbank Online, where we place personal offers for clients with preapproved limits.

Some of 2015 releases

clients are viewing their preapproved offers through remote channels, at this very second
cards have been issued to clients who ordered via Sberbank Online
Immediate resolution of the customer’s problem in the branches

A new service model has been created in Sberbank branches to solve customer problems “here and now” —service manager role introduced. Now, 700 service managers are working all over Russia.

Some of 2015 releases

customer requests have been reviewed and resolved by service managers
problems have been resolved by the service management team while the customer waits
100% financial security that is invisible to the customer

We have launched the Ladoshki project that allows children to pay for meals simply by holding their hands to a scanner. At that moment, funds are debited from their accounts “linked” to their hands, and the parents receive a text message.

Some of 2015 releases

schoolchildren are already actively using the Ladoshki service
We know all about our customers and anticipate their expectations

Personalised offers have been introduced. Based on client knowledge our system structures proposals on special loans, credit cards and deposit products.

Autopayment, Mobile Bank, and Social Card offers are being added.

Friendly attitude and qualified customer service

We have elaborated simple “Golden Rules” for all channels and segments. Based on these Rules, service instructions have been drawn up and placed on each desk in branches. The instructions also contain instructions on how to act in nonstandard situations. The Golden Rules are included in the training course for new employees “Service for Everyone.”

Constant development of services

Sberbank has implemented a new option for MTS, Megafon, and Beeline customers across Russia to connect with our Contact Centre using the short number 900.

Customer advantages: Short number: easy to remember, simple to dial, well-known to all customers, toll-free.

Immediate resolution of the customer’s problem in remote channels

To effectively address customer issues in remote channels, we are building a team of highly-qualified experts on the basis of the Contact Centre who are able to solve any problem a customer may have related to any product or service. In the first half of 2016, experts at the Unified Centre started to resolve customer issues remotely.

The customer
is always

We compensate for customer funds at the moment of a customer’s request before conducting a detailed investigation of failed cash-in and cash-out operations through Self-Service Terminals within certain limits. About 30 percent of cash-in/cash-out operations are resolved on the spot.

In 2016, the list of operations for online compensation will be significantly extended.

100% discharge
of obligations

Customer compensation system.

If we fail to fulfil our obligations due to our fault we will apologise and compensate our clients through the choice of Sberbank bonuses or souvenirs.

11 branches are taking part in the pilot project.

for employees

If a Sberbank employee becomes aware of a customer problem, from their friends, relatives, or in the office, they just need to send this information via the #mycustomer service, and the problem will be resolved.

The service has been launched in pilot mode and rollout.

from Management

Opening statement from CEO and chairman of the executive board
Herman Gref
Herman Gref
Dear shareholders, customers, and partners,

Last year was one of the most challenging times for our team. Despite complex macroeconomic conditions we proved Sberbank’s ability to remain stable and to recover profitability without decelerating the pace of transformation.

Sberbank is one of the few companies in the country that did not cancel any projects due to the economic crisis and that continues to implement all the strategic initiatives which are necessary to ensure its long-term existence and competitiveness. Our values—the leading role of the customer, the leadership skills of each member of our team, and cohesion—helped us overcome the difficult period.

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Opening statement from chairman of the supervisory board
Sergey Ignatiev
Sergey Ignatiev
Dear Shareholders,

In 2015, many important events occurred that impacted on the Russian economy and significantly influenced many business segments in Russia. Negative macroeconomic factors, including a decrease in global energy prices, were reflected in the state of the economy and intensified the crisis phenomenon. Despite this Sberbank managed to handle the obstacles and demonstrate high financial results. The determination and perseverance of Sberbank employees will allow us in the future to respond to arising challenges, overcome difficulties and improve for the benefit of all our customers, shareholders, and partners.

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Corporate social

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is an approach that we use to build relationships with our stakeholders. We strive to do our business in a way that would benefit all parties Sberbank interacts with.
  • With its mortgage loans amounting to more than RUB 2.1 trillion, Sberbank has been acknowledged as the leader in home lending
  • As part of the initiative on enhancing financial literacy, Sberbank updated its “Financy Prosto” portal (finprosto.ru), where over 20 thousand users are registered
  • Over 700 workshops for pensioners were arranged under the New Opportunities Club initiative
  • Sberbank’s Contribution to the Future Charity Fund has been established
  • Regional banks of Sberbank provided over 700 volunteer initiatives
  • Sberbank allocated RUB 447.6 mln to the Gift of Life (Podari Zhizn) Charity Foundation
  • Sberbank Customers Satisfaction Index score was 9 points out of 10 (with 1 for “absolutely dissatisfied” and 10 for “very satisfied”)
  • 55% of respondents were willing to recommend Sberbank to their friends and relatives (NPS index)
  • Over 30% of Sberbank customer service outlets are located in underdeveloped and low-populated areas
  • 7.1 thousand customer service outlets are adapted for people with disabilities
  • Over 12 thousand antiskimming devices were installed on Sberbank ATMs, resulting in a threefold reduction in fraudulent device installation
  • Sberbank Group includes 330.7 thousand employees
  • The Group employee turnover indicator amounted to 14%, down 4 p.p. as compared to 2014
  • Sberbank specialists attended 550.6 thousand training events and courses
  • 25 thousand managers (75% of all Sberbank’s managers) attended training at the Sberbank Corporate University
  • 4.2 thousand of questions were collected from employees to be discussed during the Hotline with CEO Herman Gref
  • 12 thousand employees passed the training under the Sberbank tutorship programmeme and more than 4 thousand of “tutor and mentee” pairs were formed
  • A systematic approach to developing corporate culture was elaborated; based on which the Book of Values was created, the Code of Ethics was developed, the 5+ assessment of compliance with corporate values was introduced, etc.
  • Sberbank handled over 1.4 thousand tonnes of waste paper for recycling
  • 96% of hazardous waste produced by the Group were handled for recycling
  • Together with the largest Russian companies, Sberbank supported the Climate Partnership of Russia
  • German Gref was a speaker at the IV International Forum for Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings

Key events

Over half Bank’s of customers are willing to recommend Sberbank to their friends and acquaintances

Sberbank’s efforts to improve customer focus were valued by its customers. In 2015, the NPS index showing the willingness of customers to recommend bank services to their friends reached 55%.

Sberbank has provided its customers with the option of requesting Credit Cards via self-service terminals

Extended functions of self-service terminals allow Sberbank to significantly increase the effectiveness of customer service and to provide modern and high-quality services within a very short time.

In 2015, 700 million people visited Sberbank branches

Consistent work to introduce innovative technologies and the most advanced governance methodologies allowed Sberbank to significantly enhance effectiveness of its branch network, which is able to serve millions of people.

Two million people use Sberbank Online daily

In 2015, Sberbank actively worked to improve Sberbank Online for all mobile platforms. New options for transfers, payments, personal finance management, etc., became available to users. Significant progress was made in improving security.

In 2015, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) came to 9 of 10

During the year, Sberbank received more than 860,000 comments from its customers. Sberbank conducts satisfaction surveys by phone calls and text messages asking customers to assess the quality of service after visiting its office or calling the Contact Centre.

245,000 new corporate clients

One of the key components of Sberbank’s success is its constant work to attract new customers. Corporate clients appreciated the wide range of modern financial products and services offered by Sberbank.

95% of Sberbank customers waited in line for less than 10 minutes

Active implementation of modern technologies and best practices in customer service allowed Sberbank to significantly increase the effectiveness of employees engaging in customer service and, as a result, to reduce the wait time in bank branches.

31,4 million active users of Sberbank direct debit payments

Automatic payments is a convenient tool that enables clients to save time and make all regular payments without delay.

Key achievements

Sberbank was awarded the Visa prize in six categories:

Effective Risk Management in Domestic Transactions as an Issuer

Effective Risk Management in International Transactions as an Issuer

Effective Protesting of Fraudulent Transactions as a Credit Card Issuer

Effective Protesting of Fraudulent Transactions as a Debit Card Issuer

Effective Protesting of Transactions as a Business Debit Card Issuer

Level of International Transaction Approval as a Debit Card Issuer