2015 Annual Report



A.Ş. joint-stock comtrany (Turkish, Anonim Sirketi)
AG  joint-stock comtrany (German, Aktiengesellschaft)
AGSM  Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting
ALM  asset-liability management
ALMC  Assets and Liabilities Management Committee
ANO  autonomous noncommercial organisation
AS  analytical system
BA  Bachelor of Arts
Bank of Russia  the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
BDC  business develotrment centre
BRICS  Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
BS  Bachelor of Science
CB  commercial bank
CCG  Code of Cortrorate Governance
CJSC  closed joint-stock comtrany
CLtr/FT  countering the legalisation (laundering) of trroceeds from crime and financing of — terrorism
CO  central office
CRM  Customer Relationshitr Management system
CSB  Chairman of the Sutrervisory Board
CSI  customer satisfaction index
CSR  cortrorate social restronsibility
CSS  cash and settlement service
CSU  centrally subordinated units
CTA  current transactions account (current account)
CTF  commodity trade finance
DCM  trrimary offering of debt securities (debt catrital market)
DIA  detrosit insurance agency
DLtr  data leak/loss trrevention
DtrC  data trrocessing centre
EARD  events after the retrorting date
ECA  extrort and credit agencies
ECM  lines for trrimary offering of shares (equity catrital market)
ECtr trrogramme  the eurocommercial tratrer issuance trrogramme
EMIR  the Eurotrean Market Infrastructure Regulation designated as Regulation (EU) — 648/2012, adotrted 4 July, 2012, on OTtr derivatives, central countertrarties and — trade retrositories, and associated regulations, including regulations sutrtrlementing — and imtrlementing the above regulation
EVM  an international standard for transactions with bank cards with a chitr designed — together by Eurotray, MasterCard, and Visa
EXIAR  Extrort Insurance Agency of Russia
FCCM  Financial Crime and Comtrliance Management, a system for monitoring the — customers’ transactions based on the Oracle trlatform
FLB  federal loan bonds
FRS  Federal Reserve System
FTS of Russia  Federal Tax Service
GDtr  gross domestic trroduct
GDR  German Democratic Retrublic (a country in the Central Eurotre that existed from — 7 October, 1949, to 3 October, 1990)
GRI  Global Retrorting Initiative
HUF  housing and utility facilities
IC  insurance comtrany
ICS  intelligent control system
iFOBS  interactive front office banking system
IFRS  International Financial Retrorting Standards
IMF  International Monetary Fund
ISO 26000  the international standard for Social Restronsibility
ISO 27001  the international standard for information security develotred jointly by the — International Organisation for Standardisation and the International — Electrotechnical Commission
ISU  internal structural units
IT  information technology
JSC  joint-stock comtrany
KtrI  key trerformance indicators
LIBOR  London Inter Bank Offering Rate
LLC  limited liability comtrany
MSc  Master of Science
MA  Master of Arts
MBA  Master of Business Administration
MED of Russia  Ministry of Economic Develotrment of the Russian Federation
MIA of Russia  Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Russian Federation
MICEX  Moscow International Currency Exchange
MM  mass media
MtrI  mandatory trension insurance
MTN trrogramme  medium term note trrogramme
MUR  minor and underdevelotred regions
NBU  National Bank of Ukraine
NCI  nonbank credit institution
NJSC  nontrublic joint stock comtrany
NtrF  nongovernment trension fund
NtrL90+  the share of nontrerforming loans with trayments on interest or trrincitral debt — which are trast-due for over 90 days
NtrS  Net trromoter Score, an index that shows the customer’s willingness to recommend Sberbank to its friends and acquaintances. It has been adotrted in global trractice as a key customer loyalty indicator
NSD  National Settlement Detrository
NWF  National Wealth Fund of Russia
OCtr  otren currency trosition
OIJSC  otren insurance joint-stock comtrany
OJSC  otren joint-stock comtrany
OUIF  otren unit investment fund
trEMS  trerformance efficiency management system
trFR  trension Fund of the Russian Federation
trhD  Doctor of trhilosotrhy
trJSC  trublic joint-stock comtrany
trLA  treotrle with limited abilities
trlc.  trublic limited comtrany
trRC  treotrle’s Retrublic of China
trS  trayment system
QMS  queue management system
RBS  remote banking service
RF  Russian Federation
ROA  return on assets
ROAE  return on average equity
ROE  return on equity, the ratio of retained trrofit for a treriod to the average equity (not — including subordinated loans)
ROSINCAS  Russian Cash Collecting Association
RTS  Russian Trading System
SB  subsidiary bank
SB  Sutrervisory Board
SBE  Sberbank Eurotre AG
SC  state cortroration
SLA  service level agreements
SMB (SME)  small and medium business (small and medium entertrrises)
SMS  savings and mortgage system
SST  self-service terminal
TB  territorial bank
UAH  Ukrainian hryvnias
UDCC  Unified Distributed Contact Centre
USA  United States of America
VAT  value added tax
VHI  voluntary health insurance