2015 Annual Report


Corporate Secretary

For the purpose of ensuring the compliance of the governance bodies and executives of the Sberbank’s with corporate governance procedures, the requirements of current legislation, the Articles of Association, Sberbank’s Corporate Governance Code, and internal documents of the Group that guarantee the implementation of the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders, Sberbank provides for the position of a corporate secretary.

The Corporate Secretary shall be appointed to office pursuant to the decision of, be accountable to, and operate under the control of the Supervisory Board and will be administratively subordinate to the CEO and Chairman of the Sberbank Executive Board. The activities of the Corporate Secretary are governed by the Regulation on the Corporate Secretary approved by Sberbank Supervisory Board.

The Corporate Secretary’s main objective is to ensure the implementation of the bank’s policy as concerns corporate governance and to coordinate all actions during the bank’s implementation of corporate governance processes and their improvements, which includes exercising functions of methodology, control, and monitoring over the conformity of individual processes to such a policy.

The main functions of the corporate secretary include:

  • Participation in the preparation and holding of general shareholders’ meetings
  • Supporting the activities of the Supervisory Board and Supervisory Board Committees
  • Information disclosure and participation in implementing the disclosure policy
  • Cooperation with shareholders and ensuring the implementation of procedures providing for the rights and legal interests of shareholders and monitoring their execution.

Oleg Tsvetkov

Corporate Secretary

Date of birth: 1 December, 1973

Place of birth: Sokol, Vologda Region

Citizenship: Russian Federation

Year of appointment: 2014


2000: Moscow State Law Academy, majoring in Legal Studies

2002: Candidate of Philological Sciences (English)

2008: The Business School of the University of Northumbria (UK), MBA

Work experience:

In 2006–2014, he held the office of corporate secretary of Severstal OJSC, including the period of 2011–2014 when he was the head of the Department of Corporate Relations in Severstal OJSC. Since January 2014, Head of the Corporate Secretary Service, Sberbank. On 12 September, 2014, appointed to the position of Corporate Secretary of Sberbank.

List of other nonexecutive professional commitments:

Board Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organisation the National Association of Corporate Secretaries