2015 Annual Report


Executive Bodies

The Executive Board of Sberbank is a collective executive governing body headed by the CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, which is responsible for the general management of the Sberbank’s current activities.

At least once a year, the Executive Board will provide the Supervisory Board with a report on the progress of the bank’s implementation of its strategies and the execution of the decisions of the Supervisory Board and General Shareholders’ Meeting, and on a quarterly basis it will provide a report on the bank’s financial and economic performance and the level of risks assumed by Sberbank.

The main principles of the activities of the Board are professionalism, reasonableness, fair practice, prudence, and timeliness.

Executive Board members are appointed to and dismissed from office pursuant to the decision of the Supervisory Board.

Candidates for membership in the Executive Board shall comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation made for such persons (qualification, business, and personal reputation) and enjoy the trust of the members of the Supervisory Board. The term of office of members of the Executive Board is unlimited.

The CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board of the bank heads the Executive Board and manages its activities, manages the operations of the bank, ensures the implementation of decisions of the Supervisory Board and General Shareholders’ Meetings, organises the work of the Executive Board, distributes obligations among members of the Executive Board, and heads the meetings of the Executive Board.

The CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board is elected at the General Shareholders’ Meeting for 4 years.

The CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board is responsible for organising the system for the preparation and reliability of the bank’s accounting (financial) statements, the timely disclosure of information, and providing its shareholders, Sberbank customers, and other interested parties with information about the Sberbank’s activities.

Continuity planning

Together with the administration of the HR department of Sberbank, the HR and Remuneration Committee of the Supervisory Board assumes direct responsibility for timely preparation of continuity plans, the precise definition of management HR requirements and development of existing competencies, and searching for and engaging the most appropriate candidates, primarily from internal resources, for which purpose a staff reserve is formed.

During continuity planning, the HR and Remuneration Committee considers the results of the regular performance assessment of each of the Executive Board members taking into consideration the performance of Sberbank in general.