2015 Annual Report



The Supervisory Board is accountable to the General Shareholders’ Meeting of Sberbank. The CEO, Chairman of the Board and the bank’s Executive Board are accountable to the bank’s Supervisory Board and the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Disclosure of Information on the Bank’s Activities

Being a public company, we strive to increase the transparency of our activities by conducting an active open dialogue with our shareholders, investors, customers, and other key stakeholders.

Information is disclosed based on the principles of the completeness, reliability, availability, regularity, and timeliness of its disclosure.

Our executive bodies ensure the timeliness and preciseness of information disclosure on all material aspects of Sberbank’s activities in the form of an annual report, annual and interim consolidated and separate financial reporting, and information to be disclosed by securities issuers and additional information about the bank. The Supervisory Board effects control over activities.

Channels of information disclosure are selected such as to provide for the unhindered access of stakeholders to the disclosed information. Access to public information (except for the cases set out by legislation) shall be provided by Sberbank free of charge and shall not require special procedures (obtaining passwords, registration or other technical restrictions) to read it.

The main channels of information disclosure are our official websites: www.sberbank.ru and www.sberbank.com, with disclosure effected both in Russian and English.

The volume, content, and means of information disclosure are determined with due regard to the requirements to maintain banking and commercial secrets, the safekeeping of other confidential information and information security requirements.