2015 Annual Report


Plans for improving the Bank’s Corporate Governance

Reform of Corporate Actions

Processes carried out by Sberbank in relation to rights vested in shares (corporate activities) exercised by its shareholders are being reformed by means of their unification, the implementation of electronic procedures, cascade usage, and replacement of paperwork with e-documents to provide accessible, secure, and transparent conditions for shareholders to exercise their rights, mitigate risks, and reduce the costs of the bank. The new system for corporate actions will be based on accepted modern international standards.

Implementation of the Sberbank Code of Corporate Ethics

A key aspect of proper corporate governance is a strong corporate culture Bank of Letter Russia No. 14-T dated February 6, 2012, On Recommendations of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision “Principles for Enhancing Corporate Governance.” that ensures the execution of appropriate standards, employee encouragement, and responsible behaviour. Based on this knowledge, we plan to implement a new Sberbank Code of Corporate Ethics based on our mission and values and intended to guarantee fair and just relations with colleagues, clients, partners, and investors and to comply with the laws and internal policies of Sberbank.

The Cascading of Sberbank’s Corporate Governance Standards and ­Corporate Ethics to Controlled Companies

The Bank aims for the balanced development of its controlled companies, so it strives to implement modern standards of corporate governance and ethics into their practices. The implementation of such standards will be carried out with due regard for the nature, scale, and complications of risks that controlled companies are subject to.

In the short term, we plan to develop and implement new IT solutions in the activities of collegial bodies, create an automated platform for the corporate relations of the Group, formalise procedures for the nomination and succession of members of the Supervisory Board, and approve and implement Sberbank’s new information policy.

Sberbank in the Moscow Stock Exchange’s Annual Report Competition

2010: second place in the category Best Information Disclosure in an Annual Report by Companies with Capitalisation Exceeding RUB 100 billion

2011: third place in the category Best Information Disclosure in an Annual Report by Companies with Capitalisation Exceeding RUB 100 billion, also the winner for Best Interactive Report

2013: the winner in the category Best Annual Report in the Financial Sector of the Economy