2015 Annual Report


Corporate business

Major achievements in 2015 in corporate customer relations:
  • In this reporting year, Sberbank raised a record amount of funds from corporate customers. Growth came to RUB 1.5 trillion, and the balance reached RUB 7.4 trillionAccording to the Russian accounting standards.. Work toward raising funds from corporate customers was particularly important this year as over the course of the year the Bank replaced expensive Bank of Russia funds with client funds.
  • The Bank introduced innovative online services that facilitate the following client business operations: business registration, electronic submission of reports to the Federal Tax Service and other bodies using the Sberbank system, and reserving settlement accounts.
  • Clients perform the overwhelming majority of operations on remote channels: 97% of operations are performed through Sberbank’s online services, 90% of clients use the self-serve cash collection service in self-service terminals (up to RUB 100,000), and 98% of corporate deposits are opened remotely.
  • All the Bank’s corporate customers now have the ability to make payments to counterparties on Sberbank accounts 7 days a week on a 17/7 basis.
  • The technical support of services for companies was evaluated at CNews AWARDS 2015, where Sberbank won in the category “For the Organisation of Technical Support for Corporate Customers.”
  • Sberbank launched the Sberbank FinLine remote banking system for financial institutions that offers account and settlement document management services online with SWIFT support.

We are a key supplier of financial resources for the Russian economy. The growth of Sberbank’s corporate loan portfolio in 2015 was 5.2%Here and further according to the management reporting data of Sberbank. against 36.3% in the previous year, when portfolio growth was affected by positive revaluation of previously issued foreign currency-denominated loans following changes in exchange rates.

During 2015, Sberbank issued loans to corporate customers in the amount of RUB 6.8 trillion. Its corporate loan portfolio increased by 5.2% to reach RUB 12.2 trillion. Foreign currency loans make up about 37% of the corporate customer loan portfolio. We actively engage with customers of various sizes and forms of ownership. The segment structure of the portfolio is presented below.

Corporate deposits,
RUB trillion
Corporate deposits, RUB trillion
Loans to corporate customers, RUB trillion
loans to corporate customers, RUB trillion
Structure of Sberbank Corporate Loan Portfolio by Customer Segments
1 Jan, 2016 1 Jan, 2015
RUB billion share (%) RUB billion share (%)
Major business 7,830 63.9 7,118 61.1
Large and medium business 2,931 23.9 3,079 26.4
Small- and microbusiness 472 3.9 565 4.9
Regional state sector 878 7.2 756 6.5
Other 138 1.1 130 1.1
Summary 12,249 100.0 11,648 100.0
The loan portfolio is presented according to Sberbank’s segmentation and takes annual revision of customer segmentation into consideration. The item “Other” accounts for debts that do not belong to customer segments.