2015 Annual Report


Contribution to community development

Since the Group has a vast geography, we operate in regions with various specificities and levels of development. To account for these particular features, we apply various tools within our social policy. On the one hand, we use Sberbank banking products to finance projects that have significant commercial and social significance. On the other hand, we contribute to community development by implementing charity and sponsorship programmemes and deploying activities to improve the financial literacy of residents.

Financing Socially-Significant Projects

Within its core operations, Sberbank finances large-scale projects which are socially significant for both individual regions and for the country as a whole. These projects include construction of infrastructure facilities such as roads, traffic centres, accommodation, and hospitals. Furthermore, we provide credit to large companies for modernisation, expansion of production plants, and improvement of industrial and environmental safety. The key social effects of these projects are as follows:

  • Creation of new jobs;
  • Development of local production plants, import-substitution and reduction of consumer prices;
  • Increase in tax deductions to budgets at all levels;
  • Creation of infrastructure facilities and improvement of living standards in the regions where Sberbank operates.
Examples of socially significant projects financed by Sberbank in 2015
Name of project Project significance for the region of Sberbank operations Investments
Construction of the first section of the Central Ring Highway Construction of the 530 km long Central Ring Highway is a large-scale project for development of infrastructure in Moscow Region to solve the transportation challenges of the region. Construction will be completed in 2018. RUB 15 bln
Construction of Novy Urengoy Gas Chemical Plant Construction of Russia’s largest polyethylene production plant for manufacturing various PE brands using advanced international technologies. The estimated capacity of the plant will be up to 400 thousand tonnes of PE per annum. Alongside the main products, the plant will produce wide hydrocarbon and methane fraction.

USD 760 mln

EUR 240 mln

Construction of the first stage of the “Novy Yaroslavl” residential complex Construction of over 300 thousand square meters of economic housing will improve housing conditions for residents within the framework of the “Accommodation for the Russian Family” Federal Programmeme. 29 houses will be built within the framework of this project.

RUB 1.7 bln

(to be paid in 2015: RUB 57 mln)

Financing construction of a wood-fibre board production plant The objective of the project is to ensure import-substituting production in the wood processing industry. The project will contribute to improvement of timber management efficiency by ensuring continuous, sustainable and rational use of forests. Furthermore, the new plant will be one of the largest production plants in the Central Federal District. RUB 3.6 bln

In 2015, DenizBank invested EUR 500 mln in construction of the third airport in Istanbul. The pass-through capacity of the new airport will be 150 mln passengers per annum which will be the highest capacity in Europe. This project will help to unload other airports of Istanbul and create over 100 thousand jobs.

Furthermore, DenizBank financed the construction of a large hospital in the framework of the state and private partnership for a total of EUR 200 mln. The medical centre will comprise nine multidisciplinary clinics, including clinics for oncology, cardiology, women and children. The total area of the centre will be 1.2 mln square meters. The centre will serve up to 12 mln patients per annum. The construction will be completed in 2016.

In 2015, BPS-Sberbank financed the following projects in order to develop the local economy and the export potential of the Republic of Belarus:

  • construction of an export-oriented milk processing plant for a total of EUR 34 mln;
  • construction of an industrial plant for turkey meat products manufacturing for a total of EUR 24.8 mln;
  • construction of an animal waste processing and utilisation plant for a total of EUR 12.7 mln (first stage) and EUR 3.9 mln (second stage).

Sberbank Kazakhstan supported several large-scale projects to ensure sustainable operations of the transportation infrastructure:

  • modernisation of utility machinery at Republican State Public Enterprise “Kazakhavtodor,” which is a guarantor of stable motor transportation in Kazakhstan, for a total amount of 400 mln tenges;
  • launch of rail and beam production to meet the demand for rails by the National company “Kazakhstan Railways” and to create 800 jobs, for a total amount of 55.3 bln tenges.

Educational initiatives for representatives of national government authorities

Sberbank Corporate University welcomes leading Russian and foreign teachers in the field of management to teach representatives of national government authorities about the most advanced practices in public management. In 2015, the Corporate University held the following educational events aimed at the development of financial and management competences of representatives of state bodies:

  • seminar entitled “Contemporary Economic and Political Agendas. Best Regional Practices,” with participation of senior representatives of subjects of the Russian Federation, representatives of legislative bodies of the state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, and heads of large cities;
  • seminar for representatives of the non-profit sector, with over 250 leaders of non-profit organisations in attendance, and support from the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation;
  • educational programmeme entitled “Modern Management Techniques” for the management of the Central Bank of Russia, and also “Modern Management Techniques and their Implementation in Reforming Public Management” for members of the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • seminar entitled “Modern Principles of Effective Management” with participation of members of the Government of Moscow Region, leaders of state government bodies, and municipal entities of Moscow Region;
  • seminar on issues relating to internal polices of high commissionaires for human rights, children’s rights and protecting the rights of entrepreneurs in the subjects of the Russian Federation.
Training for management of single-industry cities

In 2015, Sberbank held a series of educational events for management of single-profile municipal entities of Russia. Corporate University assisted in arranging a conference on support and development of single-industry cities which was attended by representatives of 319 entities, experts and politicians. The key matters discussed during the conference were:

  • Dialogue between the Federal authorities and expert community;
  • Objectives and scenarios for future development of single-industry cities;
  • The best practices of mono-industry city development in Russia and abroad.

Furthermore, results in training for management teams were drawn. Training covered preparation of diploma projects for economic diversification of single-industry cities. During the conference the teams delivered presentations on their diploma projects.

Enhancing the Population’s Financial Literacy

To improve the financial literacy of the population in regions with Sberbank presence, we arrange trainings where we provide information on the main banking products, explain how to use remote services and efficiently manage personal finances.

We implement programmemes for large targeted audiences and special social groups. The targeted approach allows us to consider learning specifics of various groups and select the best format and tools for the training.

In 2015, Sberbank supported the All-Russian Savings Week with over 4 thousand participants. The programmeme consisted of three parts: information support of the national programmeme “Assistance for improvement of the population’s financial literacy and development of financial education in the Russian Federation,” events related to the population’s financial literacy, and training of Sberbank’s employees. Within the framework of the All-Russian Savings Week during the reporting period we arranged the following:

  • Training workshops in 20 cities in Russia attended by 532 persons;
  • The webinar “Health Finances. Start with the Most Important” on the Sberbank portal “Financy Prosto” (finprosto.ru) with 2.9 thousand participants;
  • The opportunity provided to 820 employees of Sberbank to pass the financial literacy course of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

In the reporting period, Sberbank also launched the internal motivation programmeme “I like Sberbank” to provide information on banking products to our employees and improve their loyalty to the brand. In 2015, an application for the Vkontakte social network was developed which can be used by Sberbank employees to recommend Sberbank to their friends and to take part in various quizzes on using services. Since the launch of the programmeme, the number of project participants was 946 persons, 70% of whom are active users of the application.

Key initiatives to enhance financial literacy in Sberbank Group in 2015
Initiative Description Results/coverage
“Financy Prosto” portal (finprosto.ru) Informing the population about banking products and services Updating the portal, over 20 thousand registered users
Savings Week for Children and Youth Educational events, seminars and master-classes for increasing the financial literacy of the younger generation More than 15 thousand students and schoolchildren from 17 regions of Russia
“New opportunities club” Workshops for pensioners to enhance their financial literacy 709 workshops, over 24.4 thousand participants
Series of articles on pensions (Sberbank Private Pension Fund) Publishing articles on pensions and saving methods on the portal “Financy Prosto” Over 3 thousand persons of Private Pension Fund
Workshops in high schools (Sberbank Private Pension Fund) Lectures for students to inform them about pension savings 40 students of Moscow Aviation Institute
Financial Literacy Days for Youth and Pensioners Workshops on banking services use to improve financial literacy of youth and pensioners Over 2.5 thousand persons
Posts in social networks Publishing information about banking products twice a week Over 100 thousand persons
Bankers at school (Czech Republic) Management workshops in universities on remote banking, security and perspectives of the banking industry 150+ students
Lectures about the basics of banking operations (Slovakia) Training for children in primary schools in Slovakia 3 lectures, 120 persons
Open Day (Ukraine) Familiarisation with the bank for students specialising in economy 100+ persons

Creating the Contribution to the Future Fund

Sberbank’s Contribution to the Future Charity Fund was created in November 2015, which allowed us to change the approach to charity activities by making it more systematic and bringing it to a higher strategic level.

The concept of this Fund is closely related to the social mission of Sberbank, namely to make people more confident, and improve their lives. The Fund operations are aimed at changing the educational paradigm, developing new training methods and creating a socialisation institute for disabled children. Currently the Fund is designing a portfolio of programmemes in two key areas: cutting-edge education and inclusion.

Areas of Fund operations
Support of Education
  • Supporting development of innovative training methods in educational institutions, schools and universities
  • Training on social and emotional intelligence
  • Developing the advanced formats and technologies of education
  • Forming the new role of the teacher (teacher-leader)
  • Developing the parents’ competences
Development of Inclusive Environment
  • Introducing the best educational practices in special institutions
  • Developing and improving the accessibility of psychological, social and pedagogical support and development centres
  • Developing the professional orientation centres and social entrepreneurship centres on their basis
  • Implementing the employment support projects

In accordance with the Charter, the Fund operations may be financed by founder contributions, charity payments, receipts from borrowing operations, and other proceeds permitted by Russian law. The initiative of creating the Fund was actively supported by Sberbank employees, and over RUB10.5 mln has been received to the Fund account, not including the funds from the founder.

Within the area of education development, the Fund became the first partner of the “Teacher for Russia” project. The main objective of the project is to engage young and talented professionals who have graduated from universities to teaching in schools with a difficult social context. This approach not only increases the interest of students in school to educational process but also contributes to development of the professional potential of youth. During the first stage of the project, 41 teachers were employed in schools of Moscow city, and Moscow and Voronezh regions. During the two years of programmeme implementation, workshops and trainings with participation of the best professionals in the field of education from Russia will be held for young teachers, and an educational scholarship will be provided in addition to the salary. Although it is too early to speak about results of the project, the number of applications received shows that the project is certainly attracting significant interest from young teachers. 820 applications were received in October 2015 for the new stage of the programmeme, which is a twofold increase compared to the programmeme’s first stage.

In 2016, the “Emotional Intelligence at School” project will be launched. Its objective is to teach children from a young age how to control their emotions, develop communication skills and view various life situations in an optimistic way. Currently the Fund is actively working on developing a new school subject to be introduced in four schools. Development of the new subject will be facilitated by leading Russian experts and David Caruso, head of the Programmeme at Yale University.

In the field of supporting an inclusive environment, we are committed to development of infrastructure for socialisation, adaptation and employment of children who have graduated from orphanages and boarding schools. We believe that it is important to provide these children not only with material resources, but also to contribute to their future by providing an opportunity to access education.

Kind New Year GIFT

“Kind New Year Present” is the first project implemented by the Fund. Funds were collected for presents for children who have no parents and for children with special needs. This project is unique because the gifts did not include sweets, toys or clothes, but rather training courses. Using joint efforts, Sberbank employees collected over 3 mln roubles and spent them for 4 thousand personal and collective trainings for children from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Pskov and Krasnoyarsk cities, Moscow, Sverdlovsk and Samara regions, etc.

In 2016, we will continue developing selected areas, in particular:

  • Developing activities under the programmeme “Sberbank for Children and Parents”;
  • Engaging the Bank’s employees as volunteers in projects of the Fund;
  • Introducing comprehensive bank charity projects.
Implementation of Charity and Sponsorship Projects

Besides creating the Fund, we continue to provide charity and sponsorship assistance in the areas traditionally supported by Sberbank. In 2015, the charitable contributions of the Group reached RUB 3.3 bln, which is an 80% increase compared to the previous year.

Amount of charitable contributions, RUB mln
Amount of charitable contributions, RUB mln

RUB  3.3 bln
of charitable contributions made by the Group

Key areas of charity support of the Group are support for children’s facilities, sport, culture, education, veterans, and disabled persons. These areas account for 70% of total charity programmeme financing. The increase of charitable contributions in 2015 is primarily due to the increased costs for supporting children’s institutions.

Charity costs of the Group in 2015 with breakdown by area
Charity costs of the Group in 2015 with breakdown by area

of charitable contributions aimed at supporting children’s facilities

For many years, Sberbank has been cooperating with the Gift of Life (Podari Zhizn) Charity Foundation. Within the framework of this cooperation, we offer various banking services which may be used by our clients to provide support for children. In 2015, RUB 43.5 mln from Visa cards, RUB 29.8 mln from “Gift of Life” deposits, and RUB 374.3 mln through other channels of the Bank were allocated to the Fund.

In 2015, Sberbank became the official partner of International “VI Games of Winners” for children. These sport competitions are arranged every year for children who are cancer survivors. 500 people attended the Games with 48 teams from 15 countries taking part in competitions in swimming, athletics, shooting, table tennis, chess and mini-football.

During the reporting period Sberbank Insurance provided financial support to the creators of the animated series “Poznovalov’s Team”. These are animation films for children aged 6-14 about various bad habits they might face when they become adults. These educational films may prevent the children from committing mistakes and will help them to analyse and understand various life situations.

Sberbank has a close relationship with the Union of Theatre Workers of Russia, supports the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and is a main partner of the tours of the Obraztsov puppet theatre, including performances for children from boarding schools in all regions of Russia.

In 2015, we provided financial support to the two largest cultural events in Russia. Sberbank supported the organisation of the two-month “Golden Mask” theatre festival. The awards ceremony was held in the Stanislavskiy and the Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre. Best dramas, opera, ballet and dance performances were presented by the jury. The winners of the 21st festival “Golden Mask” as is tradition received special masks, the design of which has remained the same for 20 years.

Furthermore, Sberbank contributed to the International “Zerkalo” (Mirror) Tarkovsky cinema festival. The festival comprised an international competition of fiction films, retrospectives, animation films and student films. Within the framework of the cinema festival, a scientific conference was held during the reporting period.

DenizBank supports academic concerts of Bashkent University orchestra. During the 2015 theatre season, concert audiences reached 1.5 thousand people.

In 2015, the Sberbank Green Marathon was held for the fourth time. The marathon was attended by over 105 thousand people from 44 cities of Russia. The motto of the races was “Marathon of Our Accomplishments”: before and on the day of the competition various environmental initiatives chosen by residents via an open Internet poll were held in the hosting cities, including volunteer clean-ups and tree planting. The Green Marathon was also held in Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Subsidiary banks also support sport events within their charity activities. In 2015, running races were held in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan, triathlon competitions were held in Serbia, and a bicycle marathon in Slovenia.

In order to develop high-level sports, we provide charity support to sport federations, clubs and facilities. Among the most significant initiatives is the issuing of the Olympics card, resulting in allocation of over 31.5 mln roubles to the Olympic Committee of Russia.

In addition to educational initiatives of Sberbank Contribution to the Future Charity Fund, we provide education support programmemes within the framework of cooperation with leading universities of Russia. In particular, during this reporting period Sberbank contributed to over 2 thousand lectures and over 100 different case competitions, as well as the “Young Global Pioneers” programmeme.

The “Young Global Pioneers” programmeme

Within the “Young Global Pioneers” programmeme, a three-week educational trip to China was held for students of Russian high schools. The objective of this project was to study Chinese culture, enhance cooperation between the countries, cooperation with foreign business professional, and visiting leading universities and monuments. We provided three grants: for a child of a Sberbank employee, for a child from a boarding school, and for a talented student of a Russian university. These grants covered the costs associated with participation in the project and the travel costs to China.

In 2015, Sberbank Corporate University continued its cooperation with Tomsk State University with the aim of modernising the system of economic and management education, and to creating an Institute of Economics and Management that will command an international reputation. In addition, the Corporate University carried out an audit of three university faculties during the reporting period in order to assess existing resources and develop recommendations for creating educational programmemes. Also, a programmeme for increasing qualifications was developed entitled “Projection of Modern Master’s Programmemes in the Field of Financial Management.”.

In 2015, subsidiary banks of the Group provided support to high schools with economic and banking specialisations, and to Russian schools for popularising the Russian language in Balkan countries.

The Group’s Support for Educational Institutions in 2015
Country Initiative
Croatia Support for Zagreb School of Economy and Management
Slovenia Support for Russian language teachers and the Centre of Russian Culture, equipment and funding support for local schools
Ukraine Support for Lvov Banking Institute
Bosnia and Herzegovina Support for schools within the territory of the Republic of Serbia
Serbia Supply of material resources for the Russian school in Sremsk — Mitrovitsa
Turkey Support for the Turkish Education Association, including ensuring educational opportunities for children from rural area
Kazakhstan Support for Irtysh School No.3

Sberbank traditionally supports Russian and international business events to improve international cooperation, engage investors and improve the economic appeal of Russia.

Largest Business Initiatives supported by Sberbank in 2015
Event Objective Number of participants Signed agreements
International Investment Forum in Sochi Discussing investment projects, development of the global economy and improvement of investment and innovation potential of Russia

9 300 politicians and business professionals,

1 100 representatives of mass media

102 agreements for a total of over RUB 136 bln
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Discussing key problems faced by Russia and the international community, looking for best solutions

10 000 participants

2 061 representatives of mass media

668 speakers

205 agreements for a total of RUB 293.4 bln
Eastern Economic Forum Contributing to economic development of the Far East 1 500 representatives of businesses from 26 countries of South-Eastern Asia, Europe and America 80 contracts for a total of RUB 1.3 trillion

Sberbank’s volunteer movement covers the territory of the whole of Russia. In 2015, regional banks provided 727 volunteer initiatives, including 484 events to support children’s facilities, 62 events to support veterans, and 33 events to improve the environmental situation. Among successful volunteer initiatives we can mention:

Support for children’s facilities

Employees of Sberbank’s Far East unit actively participated in the initiative “Christmas Tree of Wishes,” within which Christmas trees with the wishes of children in difficult situations were installed in the offices, in letters children wrote about the presents they were dreaming of receiving for New Year. All 45 letters were read during the first three hours and 100 employees proceeded to implement the children’s wishes. Similar initiatives were held in other regions of Russia.

Support for Veterans

In Ryazan, on Victory Day our employees congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War who have worked in Sberbank. In Tyumen they organised a concert for veterans where employees and their children took the role of actors. In Moscow, a volunteer clean-up was held at the House of Veterans, with 110 employees cleaning the territory, arranging a concert and offering presents to elderly people.

Environmental Initiatives

On 1 May, 2015, trees were planted along the embankment by the Arkhangelsk unit of Sberbank. This initiative was supported by 100 employees. In Krasnoyarsk, trees were planted together with 140 sponsored children from orphanages, who were also invited to take part in the picnic.

Furthermore, Sberbank has a common practice of blood donorship. This initiative is centrally organised and run in all units several times a year.

Good Deeds Day

As part of our global charity “From Heart to Heart” programme, in October 2015 we held a “Good Deeds Day”. . On this day, management, employees and clients of the Bank visited orphanages sponsored by the Bank and collected funds for charity. During the reporting period, dance master classes, an excursion to a horse club, sporting competitions, and a tour at a cash collection machine were held for children, and a film was made using children pictures. 3 thousand employees visited 85 children’s facilities and 19 thousand employees took part in collecting funds. “Good Deeds Day” is traditionally widely covered in mass media and 510 publications appeared after the event in 2015.