2015 Annual Report


Security of banking transactions

Security has become critically important with the increasing number of customers’ remote transactions. We are continuously improving our security systems, taking into account the relevant risks and threats, and cooperating with law enforcement authorities on curbing criminal activity against Sberbank’s customers.

Our results in 2015:

  • the activity of six cyber-criminal groups attacking Sberbank customers was stopped and 15 criminals were prosecuted;
  • attempted fraud worth about RUB 0.6 billion was detected and prevented in trade outlets serviced by Sberbank;
  • a total of 25 attempts of theft of corporate funds and over 154,000 attempts of theft of individuals’ funds were prevented, with the damage prevented exceeding RUB 2.8 billion;
  • the Red Button-AP fraud-monitoring (combating fraud in corporate lending) procedure identified risk factors for 181 loan requests and, as a result, loans worth RUB 6.9 billion were not granted to bad borrowers;
  • audits and acceptance tests completed for key automated banking systems etc.

We implemented large-scale antiskimmingSkimming is a type of fraudulent action with bank cards that involves the use of various skimmers (reading devices) to copy information from the card’s magnetic strip. Skimmers are usually attached to ATMs. efforts in 2015. In particular, we installed 12,000 active antiskimming equipment sets. The actions taken by Sberbank reduced the installation of fake devices by three times from 1,400 to 463 cases during the reporting period. Sberbank’s economic security employees actively helped police officers to directly detain 36 people. Prevented skimming damage in 2015 was approximately RUB 3.2 billion.

Apart from improving our security system, we maintain an active dialogue with our customers, explaining to them in a user-friendly manner what personal data security measures they should take when using remote banking services. Sberbank’s Easy Security Rules are made available to the general public on Sberbank’s website.

Joint security lesson at school

In October 2015, Yandex.Money once again supported the Joint Internet Security Lesson initiative of the Federation Council. Children learned to analyse the reliability and authenticity of information on the Internet. Furthermore, the company helped to develop teaching aids and a video tutorial. The Ministry of Education used these materials during the lesson and included them in the information literacy improvement course to be launched in 2016. Overall, about 12,000 teachers used the materials and 4,000 schoolchildren took the course.