2015 Annual Report


Occupational health and safety

The Group’s key activities associated with occupational safety include assessment of work places, safety induction for new employees, occupational safety training for employees and managers, and updating the internal documents. In 2015, 206 accidents occurred in the Group (14% less than in 2014).

In 2015, 54,200 workplaces in Sberbank were evaluated and assigned the category of an acceptable workplace environment. Regular on-site inspections of occupational safety in regional banks and safety workshops and trainings for employees of units are provided. The accident rate and injury severity was reduced during the reporting period.

Sberbank accident rate and injury severity in 2013 — 2015
Sberbank accident rate and injury severity in 2013 — 2015

Although Sberbank generally has low frequency of workplace accidents, three fatalities during operations were recorded during the reporting period: two Sberbank employees died in a road accident and one cash-in-transit guard died as a result of third party wrongdoing. All accident investigation and registration procedures stipulated by Russian legislation were performed and extraordinary meetings were held to explain the circumstances and causes of the accident.

In 2015, we held a range of corporate programmemes in which employees of Sberbank were given useful information on healthy lifestyles. The “To Work by Bicycle” programmeme was held within the framework of a municipal event arranged by the Moscow Department of Transportation. With assistance and support from Sberbank, the infrastructure required for bicycle transportation was prepared and bicycle sites were organised near the central office. 150 employees took part in this programmeme.

“Day of Health” Event

In 2015, the Day of Health was held at Sberbank in order to draw attention to healthy lifestyles. 700 employees took part in the event. “Ready for Labour and Defence!” sport event was held, during which the employees reached qualifying sporting standards, attended “Office Yoga” training and a lecture on the impact of physical exercise on resilience to stress, and passed screening diagnostics to identify risk factors for stroke. The small “Vitamin Boom” event was held in the canteen with a special healthy menu and seasonal recommendations.

During the year, the bank has held four lectures on healthy nutrition, with participation of professional nutrition experts. 800 employees took part in these events. We supported the International No-Tobacco Day held on 31 May, 2015. Anti-smoking information materials were distributed to employees in the offices of the central administration and regional banks, and a corporate anti-smoking video was published.

Every month, Sberbank has a special “Health” section in its corporate magazine “My Sberbank” about healthy nutrition, physical exercises and stress resilience. The magazine has a target audience of 280,000 people.

During the reporting period, Sberbank-Technologies held the sport programmeme “Ready for Labour and Defence — Year of Your Achievements,” comprising competitions in shooting, swimming, running, pressing and pulling. Over 2,500 employees took part in this programmeme. Sberbank Private Pension Fund carries out a programmeme against smoking. 150 employees took part in the programmeme in 2015. ActiveBusinessCollection arranged a lecture against smoking attended by 614 people.

Main employee healthcare initiatives of subsidiary banks of the Group in 2015
Subsidiary bank Initiative Description Number of participants
BPS — Sberbank “Are your veins healthy?” programmeme Ultrasound survey and consultations with a vascular surgeon 106
Health examination programmeme Comprehensive medical examination 3,014
DenizBank Consultations with an ophthalmologist Survey for early identification of eye problems 1,468
Consultations with a dietician Meetings with a dietician and developing healthy nutrition principles 400
Cetelem Bank Week of Health Drawing the attention of employees to healthy lifestyles and rejecting bad habits 510
Sberbank Europe (Hungary) Sport events Supporting football, basketball, squash and regular jogging among employees 123