2015 Annual Report


The bank’s market position and competitive advantage

Sberbank strengthened its leading positions in all segments of Russia’s financial market.

Sberbank’s share of the key financial market segments in 2015 (%)
Indicators 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Assets 26.8 28.9 29.6 29.1 28.7
Loans to corporate customers 32.9 33.6 33.3 35.0 32.2
Loans to private customers 32.0 32.7 33.5 35.9 38.7
Corporate deposits 14.5 17.2 17.2 21.9 25.0
Retail deposits 46.6 45.7 46.7 45.0 46.0

Competition and the Group’s Market Positions

Growing banking bankruptcies have changed customer behaviour, and now they are paying more attention to banks’ trustworthiness when depositing money. This has strengthened the bank’s positions in terms of fund raising: in 2015, the Group’s share in the private customer market increased from 45% to 46%, and in the corporate market the Bank’s share went up from 21.9% to 25.0%.

Mortgage loans were the only segment in the retail loan market to grow. Sberbank has strengthened its position in the mortgage market by increasing its market share from 52.9% to 55%. As a result, Sberbank’s total share on the retail loan market increased from 35.9% to 38.7%.

In terms of corporate lending in 2015, the bank followed a conservative policy that caused its market share to decrease from 35% to 32.2%.

Although not a participant in the government-funded recapitalisation programme, Sberbank was able to use its generated profit to increase its share in the banking system’s capital from 28.7% to 32.0%, and Sberbank’s share in the profit generated by the banking sector in 2015 exceeded 100%.